28, 43

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28, 43: It is estimated that a Black person in the United States is killed by police, security guards, or vigilantes every 28 hours. The accuracy of this statistic has been called into question, but the prevalence of police-involved deaths of Black people has been a rallying point for activists and organizers in the wake of Mike Brown’s death. In Ayotzinapa, Mexico, 43 student activists went missing on September 26th, 2014. Mexican police have been implicated in their disappearance. The remains of one student have been found, but the whereabouts of the 42 others is still unknown. These two instances have incited mass mobilizations in the U.S., Mexico, and other locations and raise questions about whose lives matter and what justice looks like when the state is involved in the death and disappearance of its own citizens. This exhibit 28, 43 highlights how people have mobilized in response to Ferguson and Ayotzinapa and seeks to make connections between seemingly disparate occurrences.