Tonika Johnson

Social Justice Artist/Photographer
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Tonika Lewis Johnson, a visual artist and photographer from Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. Her work explores themes related to racial segregation and inequality, while documenting the nuance and richness of the Black urban life and culture. Her talent and visionary art projects have earned her accolades in Chicago and beyond.   Her ongoing project, Folded Map, visually interrogates the disparities that exist among Chicago residents, while at the same time bringing them together to talk, compare experiences and explore solutions. Johnson has transformed this documentary project into an advocacy and policy-influencing tool. In 2019, she was named one of Field Foundation’s “Leaders for a New Chicago,” and most recently, she was appointed as a member of the Cultural Advisory Council of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events by the Chicago City Council. 

Place, Power, (Im)Possibilities

A Virtual Exhibition Opening

Date: September 9, 2020
Time: 3:00pm
Location: Online

The inaugural exhibition at the Chicago Justice Gallery featuring the work of Tonika Johnson

The Social Justice Initiative presents, Belonging: Place, Power, and (Im)Possibilities, a series of portraits and interviews by Tonika Johnson, chronicling the ways in which nine young people have been made to feel they don’t belong in their own city.

The exhibition explores how they push back against the politics of racism, exclusion, and containment by creating their own “free spaces” and organizations that contest the commons.

The opening will take place ONLINE and include the artwork, interactive components, and discussion with Johnson and youth.

Joe “Cujoh” Nelson

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With a multi-disciplinary approach and unique vision, Joe Nelson’s works are of various mediums and surfaces. From large outdoor murals, to small figurines — anything’s game. Joe believes art should not be confined or restricted, as long as it is executed with integrity and skill. The content of his pieces vary, but more often than not, they intersect humor, human behavior, and city life. 

Currently, Nelson’s goal is to create a large series of work, and to paint more murals. His primary intention is to “produce quality work, and make a meaningful impact in the process”.